Sponsored Citizenry is a policy embraced by most major PMC's leading up to and during the Farsight conflicts.

As global security sunk to crisis levels, the creation of privately-owned Safe Zones presented the possibility of security and stability to indigenous and migrant populations.

The Sponsored Citizen Scheme (sometimes given different names by the corporations, but usually following the same premise) was the corporations' method of ensuring the Safe Zones were populated by skilled, non-nationalist workers, and making their territories desirable to outsiders.

Lifestyle Edit

Unlike most prior economic systems, Sponsored Citizens are not required to pay for housing, health insurance, transport costs, or basic food requirements. Similar to conscription (especially as over 30% of Sponsored Citizens are military personnel) each Sponsored Citizen receives a basic wage, and has the majority of their needs covered by the corporation in question.

Human Rights Edit

Sponsored Citizens are asked to relinquish citizenship of any current or collapsed nation, and consequently do not have any of the rights afforded to them by the Human Rights act, or similar legislation.

Whilst the rights given to Sponsored Citizens vary between regions, they are generally afforded a choice of professions from those presented to them, freedom of speech (that does conflict with the corporations' interests) and freedom of movement within their designated Safe Zone.

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